On Purple: The Purpose of Hue


On Purple: The Purpose of Hue

Founded in 2003, the London Design Festival has grown to become one of the largest events in the art and design world in the UK and globally. After 20 years, designers and artists from around the world have shared countless design stories, and with the support of the UK government, London has emerged as the design capital of the world.


The 21st London Design Festival 2023 will be held from the 16th to the 24th of September. During this time, there will be 12 design zones on display concurrently across London. With the V&A Museum as the main venue, the entire city will become a stage for dazzling design showcases. The 2022 London Design Festival achieved online coverage of 1.7 billion people worldwide, and the offline exhibitions received approximately 360,000 visitors, amounting to around 1.48 million visits. As post-pandemic era in 2023, global cultural exchanges are gaining momentum, and more artists and visitors will come together to witness this art event.


As the official partner of the London Design Festival, the London Art Collective (LAC) is proud to announce the theme for the 21st London Art Festival: "On Purple." We are excited to create a space that embraces the power of purple and its profound symbolic meaning. We have intentionally chosen this colour to create an immersive experience for our visitors. Purple has long been associated with a myriad of emotions and concepts, making it a meaningful colour choice for our exhibition. It exudes mystery, creativity, and spirituality, captivating the eye and the soul.


Just as the phrase "on purple" sounds like "on purpose", we have selected this title to emphasise our intention to curate a purple-themed exhibition. It will be an exhibition of great significance, radiating a unique aura.


Purple has long been the colour of the British Royal Family, representing a sense of grandeur and regality. Similar to an artist deliberately applying each brushstroke to the canvas, each artwork in the exhibition will be carefully chosen to reflect the overall curatorial arrangement, evoking specific moods and conveying deeper meaning.



Requirements for works:

*The form of the work is not limited: painting, sculpture, installation, video, etc. are all acceptable

*The purple element must be included, and the form of appearance can be decided according to your own design. We welcome and praise any creative expression (e.g. red + blue, multi-layer structure...)

*Artists must own the full copyright and ownership of their artworks. They are responsible for ensuring that their submitted plans and all graphic/text materials do not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others.


Submission Requirements:

*Submission format: Each artist may submit up to 3 sets of works (a series of works is considered a set of works, jpeg or PDF format are acceptable). Please name each file (e.g. "Untitled.jpeg").

*Artwork Introduction: no more than 200 words

*Description of the work also should be included (title, size, medium and price, e.g. Untitled, 50x70cm, oil on canvas, priced at 200 GBP) and technical installation requirements. (Special video playback equipment will be communicated to the artist by LAC Team after selection)

*Artist Statement: no more than 150 words


Application Methods

* Use "LDF23+ artist's name + title of artwork + type of artwork" as the subject of the email to team@londonartcollective.com