London Art Collective's Pop-up Event Sparkles at London Southbank Centre


London Art Collective's Pop-up Event Sparkles at London Southbank Centre

London Art Collective (LAC)'s pop-up event, which unfolded at the London Southbank Centre on July 13th. Drawing inspiration from our upcoming 2023 London Design Festival exhibition, " On Purple: The Purpose of Hue" this event offered attendees a captivating opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in the power of purple in a vibrant offline setting. Meanwhile we're thrilled to share a glimpse of our “On Purple” exhibition that will be enchanting the senses this September.

With purple colour as inspiration, LAC seamlessly blended artistry, innovation, and creativity to captivate the senses of all present at the Southbank Centre. Visitors experienced to an engaging and interactive journey, where they could witness firsthand the enchanting allure of the colour purple and its profound impact on art and design.

As LAC takes pride in fostering a spirit of inclusivity and diversity, this event is only the beginning of a broader initiative. We are thrilled to reveal that the essence of purple will soon transcend boundaries and touch the hearts of diverse communities. Our commitment to sharing the magic of this hue with a wider audience extends to exciting online and offline interactive experiences that await participants.

For join us on this mesmerizing purple journey, for details on forthcoming captivating online and offline interactions, and the latest news and events, please visit our website and follow us on Instagram @londonartcollective_official.