London Art Collective (LAC) has a wealth of artistic resources and networks. We established extensive partnerships with various institutions, including art institutions, museums, art fairs, auction houses, universities, art funds, and banks. These partners provide LAC with different types of support, furnishing LAC with ample exhibition and art collection resources, meanwhile serving as a solid foundation for LAC's growth and expansion.

LAC has launched a global youth artist support programme, aimed at providing young, talented artists with opportunities for worldwide exposure. The LAC platform serves as an invaluable gateway for emerging artists, granting them extensive exposure through the LAC official platform and LAC’s media resources. By joining LAC, we do not charge any participation fee* for the artists, artists gain access to a network of well-suited galleries with LAC’s assistance, effectively enhancing the exposure of their artwork while retaining their distinct style and characteristics. Additionally, LAC provides artists with the strategies to navigate the art market and effectively compete within it, by participating in top-tier global and local exhibitions, residency projects, and renowned art fairs.  
*When becoming an artist under LAC's agency, there is no initial fee; We will apply a commission fee for artworks sold through LAC  

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LAC encourages aspiring artists from all backgrounds to seize the opportunity to elevate their careers and propel their artistic journey to new heights. The global youth artist support programme is now open for applications, and interested artists are invited to submit their portfolios and CVs in here.    
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