London Art Collective specialises in sourcing artworks of diverse types to align with collectors’ needs. LAC has simplified the process, making it effortless for new and experienced collectors to discover and buy.

The client advisory team works in partnership with most senior specialists to best advise clients on all their purchases at LAC’s, for investment, collection or decoration while providing an exceptional bespoke service. Everything necessary for your art collection can be found within the LAC platform.

According to the Knight Frank’s report (August, 2023), over the past year, art emerged as the leading luxury investment, posting an average increase of 30%.

Indexed Passion Asset Returns

Annualised Returns on Investment in 2023

Art not only shapes our thoughts and emotions but also holds the potential for significant financial gains. The return on investment for wrist watches stands at 15%, for cars it's 8%, handbags yield a 1% return, whereas contemporary art boasts an impressive return on investment of 30%. 

In a global marketplace valued over ten thousand trillion GBP, art stands out as a lucrative investment option that consistently outperforms other asset classes. Art possesses several inherent advantages, including minimal maintenance expenses, ease of transport, low volatility, hedging opportunities, and the potential for value appreciation. Moreover, the distinctive synergy between art's cultural and financial worth yields substantial and steadfast investment returns, which can even be bolstered during broader financial uncertainties or upheavals.


At LAC Store, we pride ourselves on only offering genuine, authentic products that have been carefully curated. Our team thoroughly vets each artwork to guarantee it is an original piece that exemplifies quality craftsmanship.
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LAC is committed to the ongoing identification of such artworks in collaboration with department specialists to research and thoroughly review the provenance of any work of art offered for sale. We give collectors the peace of mind of knowing that all the artworks sold through LAC’s are vetted by our team of experts. We stand by our guarantee that all artworks are authentic and authorised by the artists. Start your art collection journey with us.
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