"The wave" - 2023 London City Center Art Exhibition


"The wave" - 2023 London City Center Art Exhibition

"Wave" is a description of the state of the ocean or river, representing a dynamic and ever-changing phenomenon. It refers to the ebb and flow, known as "wave" during the daytime and "ebb" during the evening. It can be both insignificantly small or awe-inspiring, and regardless of its form, its dynamic nature and inevitability remain unaltered.

Life is like the vast sea, with inherent waves. When the tide rises, it brings forth despair and suffocation, engulfed by enormous waves. When the tide recedes, it reveals the heights of individual rationality and self-control. What are the unstoppable tides in the uncertain journey of life? How do we experience the generality and distinctiveness of these waves?

This exhibition takes "Wave" as its theme, encouraging artists to explore and interpret the dynamics and irresistibility of nature, society, and the individual through their artistic expressions. It seeks individualized solutions from different fields to address the concept of "Wave." Guided by new ideas and philosophies, it aims to explore the social value of artworks and evoke spiritual and emotional resonance among the audience through originality and creative expression.

Submission Requirements:

       1. The artwork can take any form, accompanied by a comprehensive written explanation of the creative concept. Please submit proposal drafts, images of the artwork, and other relevant materials to form a complete and detailed artwork proposal.

       2. Plagiarism or infringement of others' works is strictly prohibited. The submitted artwork must not violate any third-party intellectual property rights or other rights. The artist is solely responsible for the submitted artwork.

Registration Requirements:

       1. 1-4 images of the artwork (JPEG format, each image not exceeding 5MB). Please name each file (e.g., "Untitled.jpeg").

       2. Artwork information (title, size, medium, and price) (e.g., Untitled, 50x70 cm, oil on canvas, price £).

        3. Brief description of the artwork, including any technical installation requirements (please communicate with LAC via email for special video playback equipment).

       4. Artist's statement in less than 150 words.

        5. Artist's website and/or social media accounts (if applicable).

Exhibition timeline (GMT London time):

05.09 Open call closes

06.09 Opening of the exhibition

06.11 Opening of Online Exhibition

Exhibition Location:

48 Regent St., Piccadilly Circus, London W1B 5R

Piccadilly Circus Exhibition Space GF
Piccadilly Circus Exhibition LG