Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou is a London-based multimedia artist. She works with sculptural, multi-material and multi-media installations composed of performative objects that are activated from the spectators. Her use of liturgical, theurgical elements, that enforce an idea of togetherness, of collectivity and combines it with a form of trance induced in these situations. Borrowing elements from brutalist and defensive architecture (such as barricades, protective talismans, thresholds) and the digital, religious and fantasy worlds (cosmic horror forms, video game monsters, liquified entities and eucharist rituals), she approaches a general idea of otherness and disconnection. At the same time there is the presence of smells, soundscapes and edible materials. The connection of the two domains can signal ideas such as transformation, invasion, processes in the making, quiet shifts and alterations. Dimitrakopoulou graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts and Goldsmiths, University of London, where she obtained a Masters in Fine Arts supported by Motoroil Hellas Scholarship. She was awarded with the Goldsmiths ACME Early Career Award in collaboration with PEER gallery. She holds a Studio with The Bomb Factory and is resident in RTM.fm where she promotes artists working with sound; She has recently exhibited work at The Crypt Gallery, Hypha studios, PEER, Kupfer Project & Kupfer 231, Deptford X Festival, Slug and Saatchi gallery.