Tanning eyes


Resin, LED lights, Wood

143 × 120 × 128 cm

Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou

Work Description

A vividly lit sarcophagus, a room where there is not a main character specified, rather the act of the protagonist, is shared between the atmosphere, the objects, the light, the spectators and the space. Resembling solarium beds and the rib-cage of a body, the organ-shaped element is out in the open rather than concealed under a structure, its fragility. Who cares for whom? The light emanating from the beams can be taken away after exiting the space. The phosphenes that are “gently burned” in our retinas are a momentary reminder of the potentiality of matter. In the cases where it seems ghostly and even immaterial, its power grows stronger as infiltration is rendered easier.