Jesmonite, Automotive paint, Silicone tube

80 × 29 × 23 cm

Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou

Work Description

Originating in the belly, the mythic/rhythmic set of passions, the expelling of all fluids is associated with the psyche's tumultuous affective spewing from the depths, like so much volcanic lava. Vomiting becomes symbolically related to the energies of initiatory processes. As snakes, we regurgitate what we cannot stomach. Rites of purification, ordeal and healing have long deployed emetics. The poison oracle determined the guilt or innocence of one under suspicion under the belief that innocence would spontaneously reject the ingested poison (farmakon means both poison and medicine in ancient greek. How can we judge that what societies have implemented us with is either of the two? To be “penetrated” by new stimuli, the body makes spasms, muscles move and take new shape. It is a voluntary re-configuration of mass and re-arrangement of mater.