“ROTOR” —— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024


“ROTOR” —— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024

The title of the exhibition, "ROTOR", is derived from engineering, a rotating body supported by axle bearing, whose spinning state embodies the spirit of renewal and iteration.


The concept of the exhibition is inspired by the glass pyramid of the Louvre and Carrousel’s inverted pyramid. A symmetrical structure is composed by a downward-rotating single triangle, which forms a diamond-shaped space along with the word "ROTOR". The exhibition explores the philosophical aspect of the word "rotor" as the root word for "revolve", which is a metaphor for the renewal and iteration of ideas or concepts, involving the evolution of thought, opinions or ideas. Artistic concepts are constantly evolving same as the never-ending rotating parts of a machine, making the creative process irreversible from one era to another. In the ideology turn, a dialogue between the contemporary and the conventional arise in the Louvre, which is the common vision of this exhibition.


In an increasingly diverse global culture, the exhibition "ROTOR: Eternal Renew" will present a collective image of the current era, bringing art into a wider context. It aims to re-examine the fundamental essence of art, challenge the conception and appreciation of art in the public sphere, break down hierarchical systems, and open up new possibilities. The word "ROTOR" also implies that the new wave and rotation of methodology shape new genres, emphasising that only by moving forward can we perceive the unpredictable future.


“ROTOR: Eternal Renewal" aims to encourage practitioners to experiment with, form and even lead new wave of contemporary art, just as I.M. Pei designed the glass pyramid, deliver a new blood of contemporary thought into this historic site, presenting a diverse collection of new generation artworks, embedding "2024" within the temporal nodes.


Exhibition Venue

Le Carrousel du Louvre,

99 Rue de Rivoli,

75001 Paris,


Exhibition Date

21st February - 22nd February 2024


Submission Requirements

Submission format: Each artist may submit up to 3 sets of works (a series of works is considered a set of works, jpeg or PDF format are acceptable). Please name each file (e.g. "Untitled.jpeg").


Artwork Introduction: no more than 100 words


Description of the work also should be included (title, size, medium and price, e.g. Untitled, 50 × 70cm, oil on canvas, priced at 200GBP) and technical installation requirements. (Special video playback equipment will be communicated to the artist by LAC Team after selection)


Artist Statement: no more than 100 words


Application Methods

Use “LM24 + artist's name + title of artwork + type ofartwork” as the subject of the email to team@londonartcollective.com


Media Support

Tate ETC., Numéro, Flash Art and local press.

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