“On Purple: The Purpose of Hue” Exhibition Celebrates Outstanding Artists and Innovative Artistry


“On Purple: The Purpose of Hue” Exhibition Celebrates Outstanding Artists and Innovative Artistry

The exhibition "On Purple: The Purpose of Hue" officially opened on 16th September 2023. The opening ceremony was held at 6:00 pm on the 16th, during which the London Design Festival and London Art Collective awarded prizes to the participating artists. The editors of The Times and The Sun presented the awards to the winners.  

Notable among the artists was the collective known as CLADOGRAM, consisting of Xin Cheng, Yuxuan Hou, Jingwei Xu, and Ji Luo, who were honoured with the prestigious Popularity Achievement Award. This accolade recognises their exceptional popularity, widespread appeal, and significant influence over their exhibited works during this design festival. Their work SECONDS engages in a visual dialogue that allows different individuals to perceive the differences in the "normative time" recorded by artificial timing devices.

The Emerging Artist Excellence Award winner goes to Xue Tong, a distinction reserved for artists who have recently emerged and already demonstrated remarkable talent and potential through their contributions to the exhibition. This award aims to inspire and acknowledge their innovation and courage within the realm of art. Tong’s Star series centres around the exploration of myths and planets, drawing inspiration from jewellery and fabric.

Lorie (Yi Lu), Neil (Yufei Zhang), Zheming Zhang, Shiwei Guo were celebrated for their pioneering spirit and unique creative thinking, earning them the coveted Artistic Innovation Excellence Award. This award recognises individuals or groups who have exhibited exceptional innovation, presented fresh perspectives, and contributed significantly to the art field through avant-garde creative methods. They designed an interactive installation Fealue Pusher to metaphorise human-centred manufacturing process.