ROTOR —— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024


ROTOR —— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024

London Art Collective (LAC) honour to present the yearly major exhibition “ROTOR —— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024”, from 21st February to 22nd February 2024. Organised in collaboration with le Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, Atelier Véron, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, and Sobering Galerie, the exhibition features nearly 200 pieces by more than 80 established as well as emerging artists from around the globe. As part of the cultural exchange within this exhibition, we are thrilled to showcase works by exceptional French local artists, such as Victor Siret, Jean Bosphore, Andrea Breinbauer, Thomas Andréa Barbey, Alice Quaresma, Mathilde Thiennot, Sami Korhonen, ALICIA LASNE, JACQUES TENENHAUS, SONG Wanrong, and WANG Bing.


The exhibition’s title "ROTOR" artfully employs a symmetrical word to convey the concepts of renewal and iteration. The word is derived from engineering, represent a rotating body continual movement. Interestingly, the shape of a rotor echoes both the iconic glass pyramid of theLouvre and the inverted structure of the Carrousel. Delving deeper, the exhibition discusses the philosophical aspect of the word "rotor" as the root word for "revolve", which is a metaphor for the renewal and iteration of ideas or concepts, involving the evolution of thought, opinions or ideas. In the ideology turn, a dialogue between the contemporary and the conventional arise in the Louvre, which is the common vision of this exhibition.


The 6,500 square meters of space are divided into four distinct sections for the entire exhibition. Works chosen by the curatorial team and local galleries are showcased in Espace Delorme, Espace Soufflot, and Espace Le Notre. The collection of artworks by LAC’s participating artists and global gallery selection are presented at Espace Delorme. These artworks reflect the artist's contemplation on personal growth, identity, societal concerns, cultural legacy, emotional encounters, and evolution, intricately linked to the notion of renewal and iteration. Throughout their praxis, artists persistently explore novel viewpoints, mediums, and technologies to manifest their personal and artistic evolution. This quest for innovation and exploration embodies each artist's yearning for self-improvement, resonating with the theme of the exhibition. The exhibition showcases the outcomes of this trials and breakthroughs, inviting the audience to ponder over personal development and transformation. Espace Le Notre gathers nearly 50 sculptures and installations, which are one of the highlights of this exhibition, including works by Jacques Tenenhaus and Wanrong Song from Atelier Véron, artists Mathilde Thiennot and Sami Korhonen represented by Ricardo Fernandes, as well as independent artist Brieuc Bouwens, these installations and sculptures express core value of personal reflection, political awareness, feminine perspective, and environmental consciousness.


The collaborative project with the talented American sculptor Ken Kelleher brings forth the 5-meter tall installation Ghost Mawse crossing the River Styx prominently, which will be display in Espace Soufflot, and become one of the main installations in this exhibition. Part of Kelleher's new series for 2024, akin to his previous large-scale installations, this work continues to actively engage with audiences at le Carrousel du Louvre, delving into the interplay between the tangible and the imaginary realms. As a symbol of renewal and iteration, "Ghost Mawse" traverses the River Styx, inviting viewers to contemplate the ever-evolving voyage of exploration and creativity.


In an increasingly diverse global culture, “ROTOR—— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024” offers a collective image of the current era, bringing art into a wider context. Through diverse exhibition formats and art forums to re-examine the fundamental essence of art, challenge the conception and appreciation of art in the public sphere, break down hierarchical systems, and open up new possibilities. The word "ROTOR" also implies that the new wave and rotation of methodology shape new genres, emphasising that only by moving forward can we perceive the unpredictable future.

Participating Artists


Alice Quaresma, Alicia Lasne, Andrea Breinbauer, An Qi, Anpha.X, Ayaka Morito, Brieuc Bouwens, Chalzea Xu, Charlotte Farmer, Chee, Chenyi Ye, Diweilong Shi, Yibei Ning, Yuxuan Feng, Yixuan Qiu, Mingrui Li, Deng Xiao, Jiuzhang Liu, Chinman Ngai, Ellie Niblock, Fang Nan, Grace Wenxuan Li, Gumi Guihan Lu, Guo Cheng, Huiting Cui, Yibei Zhao, Mengdi Wang, Yilun Shan, GuYa, Hao Meng, Helen Ashton, Hengtian Zhou, Jacques Tenenhaus, Jean Bosphore, Jenny Ping Lam Lin, Jialin Sun, Jianting Huang, Jichi Zhang, Junhao Wu, Jonathan Bennett, Ken Kelleher, Kexin Jiang, Kyoka Katori, Mathilde Thiennot, Minghao Sun, Qin Pan, Rae Hou, Rong Huang, Sami Korhonen, Shaolin Zhong, Siying Zhu, Skyler Liu, Sonia Martin, SONG Wanrong, Suki Wang London, Taichun Zheng, Tang Tang, Taylor Chyn, Thomas AndréaBarbey, Tiange Chen, Victor Siret, WANG Bing, Wanjin Li, Weixian Yun, Xi Yang, XiaosuJing, Xiaoxin Wang, Xin Cheng, Yuxuan Hou, Kai Wang, Xinqi Li, Xuanyi Guo, Xuechen Chen, Yachu Feng & Shuyi Liu, Yaqi Li, Yibo Sun, Yining Wang, Yongyi Lie, Yuheng Deng, Zeyangping Zhang & Yanmei Wu (Yumo), Tencent SSV × Yang II.

Contemporary Art Forum


On the opening day of the exhibition, a themed contemporary art forum on "Starting International Careers: A Guide for EmergingArtists" will also be held on Espace Gabriel. The forum will chair by Daisy Guo and the guests of honour are Ricardo Fernandes, Jacques Tenenhaus and Nelson Qin. We also extend invitations to researchers, gallerists, institution directors and curators based in Paris and London to share their insights and experience guiding emerging artists towards begin their career internationally and help them to continual innovation, navigating the current art ecology, addressing challenges, and reflecting on and practicing strategies in the contemporary context.


The principal aim of this forum is to help emerging artists to start their career internationally, London Art Collective (LAC) is dedicated to artists a global platform with a wealth of artistic resources and networks. Through our youth artist support programme, our mission is to furnish aspiring talents with opportunities for worldwide exposure, thereby propelling their careers and artistic journeys forward collectively.

Exhibition Date

21st February - 22nd February 2024

Exhibition Venue

Le Carrousel du Louvre,

99 Rue de Rivoli,

75001 Paris,


London Art Collective (LAC)


London Art Collective (LAC) was founded in London, UK in 2018 with the aim of providing a platform for independent artists world wide to showcase and promote their work. Over the years, LAC has gradually gathered global artistic resources and become a mainstream art exhibition organiser. To date, LAC has signed up over 150 global artists.


Since 2020, LAC's partners have shifted their focus from independent artists to museums and galleries. Between 2020 and 2022, LAChas held over 20 art exhibitions on various themes, covering numerous art forms and styles, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, etc.The daily attendance at the exhibitions exceeded a thousand people. LAC has also established deep partnerships with over 30 British galleries, and strategic partnerships with major UK institutions such as the National Gallery and the Tate. At the same time, LAC has received abundant support from localBritish art funds, banks, and auction houses, and its professionalism and influence in the art market have continued to rise.

Commencing in 2023, LAC has launched a global youth artist support programme and cooperated with art institutions to provide young artists with global exhibition opportunities.


The mission of LAC is to convey a more diverse range of ideas and values through the power of art, providing audiences with unique aesthetic experiences and spiritual resonance.


Atelier Véron


L'Atelier Véron is located in the heart of Montmartre, surrounded by sculptors' studios. With a rich artistic atmosphere, it is just a stone's throw away from the Musée de l'Art Brut Saint-Pierre Hall. Established by sculptor Jacques Tenenhaus in 2018, L'Atelier Véron is one of the few galleries in France dedicated to cutting-edge artists such as Marion Oster, Tali Randall, Lara Blanchard, and Didier. The gallery focuses on marginalized artistic communities, showcasing original and unique art, including works byAlicia Lasne, Hamey, Sylvia Katuszewski, Raâk, Frédéric Beauchamp, among others. It also has a strong presence in the contemporary art scene, with gallery owner Jacques Tenenhaus collaborating closely with Chinese artist Song Wanrong and contemporary film master Wang Bing.


Sobering Galerie


In 2002, Patricia Kishishian and Jean-Claud Ghenassia create Annual Art Aagazine – artists such as Laurence Weiner, Jonathan Monk, John Stezaker, Sarah Morris have given their support to the realization of limited edition. For about ten years, the magazine has been promoted in some of the biggest museums and best libraries, and also on international fairs like Art Basel.


In 2014, sobering opened its doors. In continuation ofAnnual Art Magazine conceptual research, the galerie now offers a variety of propositions and heterogeneous aesthetic interactions, by establishing exhibitions displaying both emerging and experienced contemporary artists.Through a rich corpus of opposite horizons, the name of the galerie reveals this primary function of contemporary art that Paul Klee explicit in hisCreator’s Creed : « Art does not reproduce visible, it makes visible »


Ricardo Fernandes


With over 25 years of experience, Ricardo Fernandes has built a solid career as an international contemporary art expert. He has curated important exhibitions in France, Brazil, USA, China, England, Germany, UAE, Ukraine, among other countries. Based in Paris, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery is focused on contemporary art, following a strong concept and strict calendar with activities proposed all the year.

The gallery actively promotes a variety of artistic expressions including paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, videos and all media that together form the contemporary art world. The gallery collaborates with Museums,Institutions, galleries, art writers, curators, private companies and private collectors for the promotion of art, education and culture.

Member of: Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art (CPGA), Paris, France / Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC), New York, USA / International Association of ArtCritics (AICA), Paris, France / Association for Art History (AAH), London, UK.