Recollecting Paradise: Ioana Baltan's Figurative Work


Recollecting Paradise: Ioana Baltan's Figurative Work

London Art Collective (LAC) embarked on an enriching studio visit with the talented Romanian artist, Ioana Baltan.  Renowned for her captivating figurative paintings, Ioana provided us with a unique glimpse into her artistic world, sharing insights into her creative process, revealing the inner workings of her studio, and narrating her compelling artistic journey in the vibrant city of London.  

Currently based in London, Ioana explores the human psyche, drawing inspiration from dreams and stories of human origins, blending personal elements into her art. Influenced by London's multicultural ambiance, her paintings serve as a reflection of this diversity, capturing the rich tapestry of the city's cultural landscape.  

In April of this year, Ioana's project, "Recollecting Paradise," earned her an Honorary Mention in the "Chelsea International Fine Art Competition" in New York, showcasing the international recognition of her distinctive artistic vision.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore Ioana Baltan's world of artistic expression. Her ability to fuse personal narratives with universal themes is truly enchanting, and her work is a testament to the vibrant cultural tapestry of London.

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About Ioana Baltan

Ever since she started her artistic career in 2014, Ioana has focused on figurative painting to express her ideas and concepts that revolve around mental disabilities, poverty, and homelessness.  She believes that some souls are full of powerful emotions and unseen beauty that are sometimes hard to notice.  Ioana would obtain approval to visit mental hospices in order to experience and represent first-hand what she saw happening inside of them.  

Sometimes, although dangerous, she would interact with homeless people from the streets of Bucharest in order to be able to sketch them in the hard environment they were living in.  In early 2015, Ioana had her first personal exhibition with the project titled "Anima Damnata" – damned soul at "Go Contemporary" gallery in Bucharest.  Up to the present day, Ioana has shown her work in London at Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2021 and Candid Art Trust, Milan, Bucharest, Alexandria (Egypt), Timisoara, and other places.  Ioana's paintings can be found in publications such as "ERGON", "MAIL ART" volumes – Bucharest or Tagsmart – London, with some of her paintings already being a part of private collections through Europe and the USA. Currently, the artist is deepening her understanding of the human psyche, creating works inspired by dreams, hypnotic trance, and stories regarding our origins as humans in which she mixes elements from her own life.  Sometimes, the ambient of the painting as well as her character's clothing are aesthetically influenced by the multicultural variety in London - the capital where she resides and works from.  In April this year, Ioana’s project titled “Recollecting Paradise” has secured her a Honorary Mention award in the “Chelsea International Fine Art Competition” – New York.