Endless Imagination: The Sculptural World of Ellie Niblock


Endless Imagination: The Sculptural World of Ellie Niblock

The London Art Collective (LAC) had the honor of visiting the studio of acclaimed artist Ellie Niblock on 20th November. During this exclusive engagement, Niblock generously shared her latest works and offered insights derived from her inaugural collaboration with LAC during the 2023 London Design Festival.

Niblock's latest series represents a profound exploration into the theme of self-defence mechanisms. This unique studio visit promises attendees a firsthand encounter with the artist's thought-provoking creations, transcending the conventional boundaries of self-defense and intricately examining the dynamic interplay between the digital realm and the physical world.

A distinguished graduate of Central Saint Martins with a BA Hons in Textile Art, Design, and Fashion in 2015, Ellie Niblock has firmly established herself in the contemporary art scene. Her impressive portfolio includes participation in exhibitions both nationally and internationally, collaborating with esteemed venues such as Tate Modern, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, and The Mark Rothko Centre. Notably, Ms. Niblock's sculptural work has earned a prestigious place in The Arts Council of Northern Ireland's permanent collection.

In 2021, Ellie Niblock garnered widespread recognition as a participant in the Sky Arts television program 'Landmark,' showcasing her talent through the creation of a large-scale public art installation. Her dedication to the craft was further emphasised by a residency at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the same year, with plans for a return to this renowned institution.

The upcoming studio visit promises a unique and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Ellie Niblock's ability to seamlessly blend the tangible and digital worlds in her work adds an additional layer of intrigue to this showcase, exemplifying the cutting-edge nature of contemporary art.

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About Ellie Niblock

Ellie Niblock is a Northern Irish artist living and working in London and is an MA Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins. She completed a BA Hons in Textile Art, Design and Fashion in 2015. Ellie has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally, including working with venues such as Tate Modern, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and The Mark Rothko Centre. Ellie’s sculptural work is part of The Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s permanent collection. In 2021, she was a participant on Sky Arts television programme ‘Landmark’ producing a large-scale public art installation. Ellie completed a residency in 2021 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and returned the following year to create an artwork for the visitor’s centre.

Ellie is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work combines sculpture and digital technologies, investigating the relationship between the physical and the digital worlds and how they co-exist. Curious about touch, she uses an eclectic mix of materials such as silicone and foam to create vibrant, organic forms. Her work seeks to visualise the invisible, making an intangible emotion or memory become tangible. Through this, Ellie explores the possibilities of how materiality and technologies can alter our perception of experiences. This idea stems from an interest in world building, challenging the capacity for one to understand the nature of materiality when there is a blending of the tangible and the digital. This guides her sculptural forms and digital work, looking closely at the overlap between the two mediums. She uses 3D scanning, augmented and virtual reality as tools to explore the mutation of her tactile, sculptural objects and how they might appear differently in alternative worlds.