Beyond Canvas: Edgar Racy's Geometric Alchemy Unveiled in His Studio


Beyond Canvas: Edgar Racy's Geometric Alchemy Unveiled in His Studio

Renowned for his compelling exploration of cultural, social, and political issues in today's society, mid-career artist Edgar Racy invites the us into his artistic realm through a unique studio visit. Racy's distinctive approach involves transforming everyday materials such as glass bottles, plates, bricks, tiles, and ground coal into captivating geometric abstractions. His body of work stands as a testament to a life committed to unraveling the complexities of identity and addressing socio-political issues within the context of contemporary art.


Having embarked on a transformative artistic journey that spans continents and decades, Edgar Racy relocated to London in 2018. During the years 2018 to 2020, he honed his skills as an artist's assistant, collaborating with acclaimed figures such as Michael Raedecker, John Davies, and Alexandre da Cunha. In2021, Racy further enriched his artistic experience by joining the team led by the iconic Damien Hirst.

Racy's studio serves as a crucible for the creation of thought-provoking and visually striking works that reflect the pulse of our times. Through his meticulous use of unconventional materials, Racy challenges conventional notions of art and prompts viewers to engage in a deeper contemplation of the issues that shape our world.

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About Edgar Racy

1963, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Currently lives and works in London, United KingdomIn the late 80s, beginning of the 90s, he took part in a drawing course lectured by Carlos Fajardo and met a group of artists who would later engage in a sequence of exhibitions. Also he partook of Art History and Philosophy courses lectured by Rodrigo Naves and Rogério da Costa, respectively. He participated in a workshop with Amílcar de Castro at Pinacoteca do Estado. He shared technical expericence as part of the Mentoring for Young Artists Centre (A Produção Refletida) from Oficina Oswald de Andrade. In 2017/18 he attended Tiago Mesquita´s course: Imagem na Arte Contemporânea. In December 2018, he moved to London and between 2018 and 2020 started working as an artist’s assistant for Michael Raedecker, John Davies, and Alexandre da Cunha. In 2021 he became part of Damien Hirst’s artist’s assistant team.