The Floating Life Performance | 山海浮生


AI & Multimedia, Video, Fabric installation, Soundscape, Performance

Dimensions Variable

Yuyang Cheng

Work Description

The Floating Life Performance|山海浮生 is an award-winning, multi-sensory immersive physical theatre show, created and directed by artist Yuyang Cheng in 2022 as her graduate work in Architecture Association School of Architecture Spacial Performance design (AAIS). This show has successfully joined Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2022 and 2023 and it is awarded by the London New Wave Film Festival 2022 as the best Young Director and selected by Berlin Shorts, 2022. This signifies a life voyage, profound and poetic in its silence, as a multimedia artist and director, Cheng combines contemporary dance and multimedia and installation including AI as her poetic language which explores bodies as a unique medium in urban spaces, natural landscapes and the spiritual world under the oriental context. Imagine that your spiritual world and body coverage into a whisper towards nature. Our body landscape become the medium discusses the uniqueness among urban space, landscape and spiritual world. Dancing with the soul throughout a lifetime. We are just like a grain of dust floating through a silent journey towards the shimmering light at the end of darkness... In the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance version, Cheng updated her stage set design to incorporate an even more enormous and spectacular fabric sculpture installation, and she introduced the use of AI, resulting in the entire work being filled with even more breath-taking and awe-inspiring effects. The new version of the work is renamed The Floating Life - UNTAMED | 山海浮生-在野.