Hitting into the Earth


Giclée Print

101 × 75 cm

Chunhan Chen

Work Description

Hitting into the Earth is a crucial piece in the "Veiled in Violet" series, encapsulating its purple-tinged mysteries. The absurdity of the scene, where an individual collides with an earth balloon, captures the symbolic 'purple' - a mystifying fusion of the commonplace and the surreal. The image freezes a moment of unexpected interaction, shrouded in a metaphorical purple mist, inviting viewers into an intriguing ambiguity. The 'purple' here is an enigma, a symbol of the mystical element beneath the surface of everyday life. This photograph, much like the colour purple, straddles dual realities, suggesting a hidden mystical layer beneath familiar scenes. It beckons viewers to delve into the violet mystery, to interpret the ambiguous, and to uncover the secrets beneath the surface. Hitting into the Earth is an exploration into life's purple haze, a surreal spectacle revealing hidden depths in every detail.