“ROTOR —— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024” Wraps Up with Resounding Success


“ROTOR —— The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024” Wraps Up with Resounding Success

London Art Collective (LAC) honour to present the yearly major exhibition “ROTOR ——The Le Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition 2024”, from 21st February to 22nd February 2024. Organised in collaboration with le Carrousel duLouvre, Paris, Atelier Véron, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, and Sobering Galerie, the exhibition features nearly 200 pieces by more than 80 established as well as emerging artists from around the globe. As part of the cultural exchange within this exhibition, we are thrilled to showcase works by exceptional French local artists, such as Victor Siret, Jean Bosphore, Andrea Breinbauer, ThomasAndréa Barbey, Alice Quaresma, Mathilde Thiennot, Sami Korhonen, ALICIA LASNE,JACQUES TENENHAUS, SONG Wanrong, and WANG Bing. Spanning multidisciplinary practice of painting, photography, installation, and sculpture, digital art and so on, this exhibition highlights the renewal and iteration of ideas or concepts in contemporary art.

The word "ROTOR" is derived from engineering, represent a rotating body continual movement. Interestingly, the shape of a rotor echoes both the iconic glass pyramid of theLouvre and the inverted structure of the Carrousel. Delving deeper, the exhibition discusses the philosophical aspect of the word"rotor" as the root word for "revolve", which is a metaphor for the renewal and iteration of ideas or concepts, involving the evolution of thought, opinions or ideas. In the ideology turn, a dialogue between the contemporary and the conventional arise in the Louvre, which is the common vision of this exhibition.

The contemporary art forum “Starting International Careers: A Guide for Emerging Artists” was held at 4:00 pm on the 21st  February.LAC invited senior gallerists and curators from the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d'Art to have a conversation, focusing on how artists can start an international career, and discussing in-depth the experience of the art industry in terms of the art market, collection, and creation, providing advice for artists who want to develop their career internationally. The panel discussed in depth the experiences of the art industry from the perspectives of art market, collection, creation, etc., and provided advice and reflections for artists who want to develop their careers internationally.

Nelson Qin, Chief Curator of London Art Collective, also commented at the beginning of Forum: “We are very happy to be able to provide a platform for artists from allover the world to present their works and talents. This has always been the mission of LAC.”


At the end of this forum, awards were given to the participating artists. The Director of Atelier Véron and Ricardo Fernandes Gallery the award to the winners. Among five outstanding artists, Kexin Jiang was honoured with the Most PromisingArtist Award; ANPHA.X received the Most Popular Emerging Artist Award; Shaolin Zhong was recognised with the Most Influential Artist Award; Yang Li (YANG II)won the Best Use of Social Media Award; and Brand Suki Wang London was awarded the Best Applied Art Award.

In an increasingly diverse global culture, the exhibition presented a collective image of the current era, bringing art into a wider context. Re-examining the fundamental essence of art, challenge the conception and appreciation of art in the public sphere, break down hierarchical systems, and open up new possibilities. Meanwhile, the exhibition fosters a dynamic dialogue between tradition and contemporary.


Participating Artists


Alice Quaresma, Alicia Lasne, Andrea Breinbauer, An Qi, Anpha.X, Ayaka Morito, Brieuc Bouwens, Chalzea Xu, Charlotte Farmer, Chee, Chenyi Ye, Diweilong Shi, Yibei Ning, Yuxuan Feng, Yixuan Qiu, Mingrui Li, Deng Xiao, Jiuzhang Liu, Chinman Ngai, Ellie Niblock, Fang Nan,Grace Wenxuan Li, Gumi Guihan Lu, Guo Cheng, Huiting Cui, Yibei Zhao, Mengdi Wang, Yilun Shan, GuYa, Hao Meng, Helen Ashton, Hengtian Zhou, Jacques Tenenhaus, Jean Bosphore, Jenny Ping Lam Lin, Jialin Sun, Jianting Huang, Jichi Zhang, Junhao Wu, Jonathan Bennett, Ken Kelleher, Kexin Jiang, Kyoka Katori, Mathilde Thiennot, Minghao Sun, Qin Pan, Rae Hou, Rong Huang, Sami Korhonen, Shaolin Zhong, Siying Zhu, Skyler Liu, Sonia Martin, SONG Wanrong, Suki Wang London, Taichun Zheng, Tang Tang, Taylor Chyn, Thomas Andréa Barbey, Tiange Chen, Victor Siret, WANG Bing, Wanjin Li, Weixian Yun, Xi Yang, Xiaosu Jing, Xiaoxin Wang, Xin Cheng, Yuxuan Hou, Kai Wang, Xinqi Li, Xuanyi Guo, Xuechen Chen, Yachu Feng & Shuyi Liu, Yaqi Li, Yibo Sun, Yining Wang, Yongyi Lie, Yuheng Deng, Zeyangping Zhang & Yanmei Wu (Yumo), Tencent SSV × Yang II.


Exhibition Date

21st February - 22nd February 2024

Exhibition Venue


Le Carrousel du Louvre,

99 Rue de Rivoli,

75001 Paris,