LAC Brings "On Purple" Exhibition Philosophy to London's Landmarks


LAC Brings "On Purple" Exhibition Philosophy to London's Landmarks

London Art Collective (LAC) has taken the unique elements of the "On Purple: The Purpose of Hue" exhibition to some of London's most iconic landmarks. The well-known landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben, and the Southbank Centre have been adorned with shades of mysterious purple, captivating the attention of both locals and tourists.  


With its distinctive creativity and bold promotion planning, LAC has successfully spread the "On Purple: The Purpose of Hue" exhibition philosophy to various corners of London. Serving as an exclusive platform for artists' creativity, the exhibition revolves around a vibrant and diverse purple theme, allowing the collision of art and color to shine brilliantly on the city's landmarks.


Beyond the showcase at city landmarks, LAC is promoting the " On Purple: The Purpose of Hue " exhibition on social media platforms, aiming to attract more attention and engagement. The curatorial team will create an immersive space and provide visitors with unprecedented art experiences. Additionally, LAC will host panel discussions and other events, providing artists with a platform to exchange ideas and stimulate creativity.


This exhibition is not only an artistic celebration but also an exploration of London's urban culture. We hope to ignite the public's passion for art, fostering a harmonious fusion between art and urban culture, making London a new hub for artistic innovation.


For more information about the "On Purple" exhibition, please visit the official website of London Art Collective: