Oil on Canvas

60 × 50 cm

Guangyuan Liu

Work Description

The artist painted a pair of red high heels as a symbolic representation often associated with the sensuality, confidence, and empowerment of women. Within the painting, these high heels serve to accentuate the allure of wealth, symbolising the pursuit of a luxurious lifestyle. The interplay between money and luxury reinforces this pursuit, serving as a critique of the all-encompassing influence of money in contemporary society and a satirical take on materialism. The depiction of gold coins descending from the sky metaphorically signifies the rapid acquisition of wealth by some, often without the necessity of hard work or legitimate means. This imparts a sense of unreality, deceit, and inequity in how the affluent employ their wealth to gain advantages and status. On a deeper level, the painting hints at the idea that in modern society, the pursuit of money and affluence has eroded its moral and ethical foundations. The focus has shifted solely to immediate fame, fortune, and pleasure. Hence, through this artwork, the artist conveys criticism of the overwhelming influence of money in contemporary society and its detrimental impact on the values and beliefs of individuals.