The Poem for Her Soul 2


C-Type Print

20 × 30 cm

Yixu Liu

Work Description

Humans, the only beings in the world with self-awareness, possess the capacity to learn and nurture their unique identities, enabling them to recognise themselves as "I". Ultimately, self-awareness is attainable through profound introspection. As an increasing number of individuals awaken to their inner callings, they seek liberation from societal stereotypes, aspiring to embrace their unique selves. However, this pursuit often exacts a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Failure to meet societal expectations frequently leads to anxiety, prompting impulsive actions as a means of escaping these constraints. Once liberated from such labels, individuals tend to follow their inner instincts, expressing themselves through raw and primal forms of expression, thus conveying their strength and self-awareness. In this project, dismembered dolls are placed within various settings. The artist endeavours to interpret the quest for self-awareness through her unique perspective and introspection.