The Body without Organs - Tumour Evolution 2


Oil on Canvas

81 × 101 cm

Zixiong Zhou

Work Description

The Body without Organs The philosophical 'the Body without Organs' comes from Deleuze's philosophical theory. According to Deleuze, the body without organs is in three states: empty, full and cancerous. Cancer is the normal state of it. Cancer here means that it is spreading like cancer and has no specific form. The organ, as a component of the body, is always in a cyclical process of division and reorganisation. The body is in a cycle of division, remodelling... Therefore, the body is a free system which has no specific and fixed form. Deleuze adds in A Thousand Plateaus that the body without organs is one in which the organs of the body remain fluid and unstable, driven by external forces and personal desires. Perhaps God created mankind with a relatively stable bodily system. When people are driven by external influences and personal desires, their bodies, although outwardly very stable, automatically use some organs that they see as useful for their purposes, while suspending the work of some temporarily useless organs. At this point, the organs that are being used form the real body of the person.