Soundless Roar


Oil on Canvas

65 × 70 cm

Guangyuan Liu

Work Description

Humans continue to hunt wild animals in the present day. Many individuals choose to wear clothing crafted from expensive animal hides and accessories made from animal bones and teeth, which they believe possess special powers. For instance, tiger teeth are thought to ward off evil spirits, and mink skins are seen as symbols of decency and privilege. Naturally, as demand grew, hunting wild animals transformed into a lucrative trade, enabling individuals to amass wealth rapidly. The act of hunting animals to satisfy human desires is regarded as immoral, merciless, and unconscionable. It all boils down to money, vanity, and pleasure. The scarcer the species, the more valuable and coveted it becomes, further jeopardising its existence. The gold dollar, stained with the flowing blood of these animals, symbolises the root of this malevolence. Animals are living beings, an integral part of nature, and we all inhabit the same world. So, why inflict harm upon each other? This thought evokes sadness. The artist sought a means to express certain emotions through this painting, encompassing criticism and satire directed at hedonistic groups, as well as deep sympathy for the hunted wildlife.