Mixed Media

Variable size

CLADOGRAM - Xin Cheng, Yuxuan Hou, Jingwei Xu, Ji Luo

Work Description

The concept of "the over-moralisation of time" refers to the notion or practice of constraining, oppressing, and exploiting through excessive time framework standards, resulting in self-alienation. This phenomenon is widely prevalent among young people, leading them to experience anxiety, self-doubt, and alienation due to the mismatch between their perceived time and the environment in which they exist. This piece of work engages in a visual dialogue that allows different individuals to perceive the differences in the "normative time" recorded by artificial timing devices. It invites the audience to interact with, observe, and document the inherent ambiguity within the rules of time, which humans cannot surpass, positioning them as either overlooked or as part of this group. Through this, it critiques the increasingly strict moral context of time in contemporary society.