Oil on Canvas

46 × 61 cm


Work Description

Memory is both a literal and symbolic journey through artist's experiences and reflections. The canvas encapsulates his transformative years in Idyllwild Mountain, a place of profound natural beauty that seamlessly melded with his education. Here, the pine cone isn't just an object; it mirrors the verdant forests that were his backdrop. The old photograph of a lighthouse is more than an image; it echoes the guiding principles bestowed upon the artist by his mentors. The bottled message, while a delicate artefact, holds within it the accumulated wisdom of those years, and the plastered hand mould stands testament to the indelible touch of the souls who inspired him. Interwoven with these personal reminiscences is a universal message about the fragility and endurance of memory. Each artefact carries tales that shape identities and kindle nostalgia. In Memory, he delves deep into his personal narrative while also inviting viewers to ponder on their own cherished moments, experiences, and the people who've left an everlasting mark on their souls.