Magnificent Residue


Aluminum, Stainless steel, Wax, Cotton

195 × 183 × 115 cm

Xiangfei Yan, Ranyi Yang, Weiran Yao

Work Description

The most ancient set of jewellery owned by the royal family - Kent Amethyst. Purple is a colour associated with rarity, royalty, and luxury. Many populations and other nationalities get their first impression of the British royal purple from the colour of the Elizabeth Line, purple floors of buses and other public facilities. Besides being advertised as the British colour representation, purple is demography aristocratic. Jewellery and scaffolding are the mediums. Jewellery is a sculpture in the smallest dimensions. It minimises the number of meanings and powers, but "smallness" makes people ignore many things, so the work magnifies the small brooches, overwhelming the audience. The brooch is replaced by the familiar and everyday objects of candles, which build up a stacking method to fill the entire scaffolding; when they burn out, the scaffolding covered inside would be revealed, the whole piece of jewellery appears to be constructed as an architectural structure. As the flame lights the giant purple brooch candle, it burns, consumes, melts, and revives, all simultaneously embodying a meditation on class and power, culture and history. Impermanence, transformation, the construction of history, and creative destruction. The action of candlelight contingency and entropy extinguishes the value of materiality.