Fealue Pusher


Mixed Media

270 × 180 × 54 cm

Lorie (Yi Lu), Neil (Yufei Zhang), Zheming Zhang, Shiwei Guo

Work Description

Fealue Pusher is an electro-mechanical gaming machine meticulously designed to engage consumers in a playful exchange of feather value. Players are required to insert a single feather each time they wish to play the game, with the potential to either increase or decrease their value. The most coveted prize is a randomly awarded shuttlecock. In reality, each shuttlecock comprises 16 irreplaceable feathers, while the remaining feathers are ground into a fine powder and repurposed as cost-effective poultry feed. Consequently, a plume of feather powder is expelled from the machine with each play. Players are encouraged to collect this powder, with every 10 grams exchangeable for one feather. The difference in the value of a feather in different contexts intrigued them. In Chinese culture, the metaphor of a slight feather is often perceived as insignificant and inconsequential to the broader context. The value of the material itself is subject to human needs and undergoes transformations in an industrialised society. This artwork serves as a metaphor for the human-centred manufacturing process.