Existence, possession


Wool, Metal

80 × 120 cm

Emily Lazerwitz

Work Description

This piece is part of a series of works based on Semantic Primes. Semantic Primes being words that exist throughout all languages, that are at their core the simplest form of the concept that they represent and that usually can only be defined in relation to each other. This series is one of the manifestations of these primes. Lazerwitz chose to move from text to textiles because texture, the root of both words, means to weave, so by putting these words in a textile form it is bringing the concept back to its roots. This is the final rug made so far of the semantic series. Lazerwitz wanted to play with the duality of the word mine which is both soft and very personal as well as quite aggressive. By using a soft colour palette and textile form, it becomes inviting and loving. In contrast, the upper-case typeface and chain add an edge and a power to the work.