Real-time Audiovisual Digital Art

Dimensions Variable

REGEN (Jiangyu Cai)

Work Description

Digital Generative Audio-visual Artwork Connection is generated by real-time rhythm data in the algorithm. The artwork artistically abstracts a more complex version of the Klein bottle: originally a mathematical model, the Klein bottle is a surface without boundaries, where the three-dimensional form has no inside or outside but appears to intersect. In reality, the Klein bottle is an idealised surface that can only be truly represented in a four-dimensional world. It symbolises the conjecture of the three-dimensional world towards a vast higher-dimensional universe: boundless, infinite, and unknown, representing the undiscovered nature of the cosmos and the spacetime reality. In the artwork, they appear intertwined, influencing each other without intersecting in higher dimensions. Could parallel universes also be the same? The world is far more complex than the Klein bottle. Simultaneously, they resemble umbilical cords nurturing life, where our world absorbs the energy of the cosmic mother. This connection brings vibrant vitality to our world. The passage of time, the changes in things, all operate under remarkably subtle rules. The world is constantly flourishing, and perhaps the profound meaning of life is nature's actions on purpose. We are fortunate that every living being is closely connected to the mother universe, intimately related. BGM(Authorised): Mindfulness Meditation - Adigold