Chang Meng is a versatile multidisciplinary artist graduated from the Royal College of Art. She skilfully traverses the expansive realms of visual arts, sounds, moving images and installations involving diverse materials. With a foundation in classical music, Meng's work transcends conventional boundaries between disciplines, creating connections between visual and auditory communication that resonate with audiences on both emotional and intellectual levels. Recognising the inherent dichotomy between abstract conceptual themes and their intersection with everyday experiences, Meng ardently endeavours to captivate and immerse viewers in the intricate narratives of her art. Through dynamic collaborations with scientists, programmers, musicians, and fellow artists, she adeptly harnesses their collective expertise, embarking on audacious explorations of new artistic horizons. Her artistic focus primarily centres on themes such as Soundscape, Nature, Anthropocentrism, Spatiotemporally, and Shared Perception. These themes are explored through innovative applications of algorithms, AI and programming, enabling her to delve deeper into the intricacies of these subjects.